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Wildcat’s reputation as the prime purveyor of high-quality, high-performance aftermarket exhausts components has been confirmed, and the best-known brand in the industry is now manufacturing and selling in the order of 600 manifolds per month.
Since being taken over by tuning company SAC, Wildcat’s management has been on a campaign to restore the brand to its former glory.

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This included launching an aggressive research and development programme to add systems for current generation cars to its portfolio, and this is being done at a rate of two to three new systems per month.

There are currently Wildcat “branches” to fit some 150 popular models.

Through its on-site fitment centre, Wildcat also offers performance upgrades in a number of stages, including going so far as transplanting cylinder heads with improved air flow characteristics.

Due to the strong association with the Steve’s Auto Clinic group, the engineering behind every component, whether it be an airfilter, a gas-flowed head with bigger valves, or an exhaust, is of the highest order.

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By taking this holistic approach to tuning the car for its new exhaust, Wildcat systems consistently improve engine efficiency, usually resulting in increased power, sometimes of the order of 12 – 18 percent if a full engine-to-bumper system is fitted.

Wildcat exhaust systems carry a four-year warranty while the branch is covered for two years.

Wildcat high-performance exhaust components are available from the Steve’s Auto Clinic network nationwide, where they can be expertly fitted.
Alternatively, Wildcat’s head office has a fully-equipped fitment centre to fit systems hot off the production line.