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10 Things You Should Know About Car-Tuning

Keeping in mind that most road-going cars are built to be as economic and reliable as possible, performing any of these following upgrades can subsequently change how the car behaves and feels. Be sure to document yourself thoroughly before investing time and money into anything. 1. Intake and Exhaust On a stock motor, overall results from a CAI (cold-air-intake) and catbacks (performance exhaust systems) are more “show” than “go”. That said, engine/exhaust noise is more noticeable and a minimal increase in horsepower (if done correctly) is also possible. A cleaner-looking…

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Ten Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car

Car tuning is not as complex or ridiculous as films might suggest. Follow some basic steps and you can end up with more power, better fuel economy and improved safety. Before we get into how you can mod your car we have to ask WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CHECKED YOUR TIRE PRESSURE? Seriously, nobody inflates their tires properly anymore. Well, now that you’ve inflated your saggy, mileage-killing tires, go ahead with these ten tuning ideas: 10.) Get rid of the junk, add lightness It’s amazing how quickly the…

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